Post Date Author Title
37 2022.08.01 Dr. WONG, Kwan Leung Morality as aesthetic emotion Art explores the value of life
36 2022.07.18 Mr. BUT, Chor Fai Joshua What will the media look like in the future? AI assistant editor
35 2022.07.04 Dr. CHOW Kwok Leung Yin and Yang classification of things Five elements germinate creativity
34 2022.06.20 Dr. LIU Jianwen Kacey Combining ecology and translation to influence the relationship between man and nature
33 2022.06.06 Dr. LEUNG Cham Sum Jason Scientific concepts to write stories, fictional plots to help reflection
32 2022.05.23 Dr. NG Kwan Kwan Enjoy reading Chinese literature and live a positive life
31 2022.05.16 Dr. LAM, Wun Sum For the students generation
30 2022.04.25 Dr. LAM Yee Man Fans choose idols and actively participate in seeking change
29 2022.01.10 Dr. LUI Chit-Ying, Wendy Deal with the mood first, then settle things
28 2021.12.20 Dr. Agnes Suk-man PANG Understand intangible cultural heritage conservation and attach importance to sincere feelings
27 2021.12.06 Dr. TANG, Chi Ho Edward Hong Kong's housing policies and it's spirit
26 2021.11.22 Dr. LEUNG, Kai Ip Danny How to choose your readings and how it helps you
25 2021.11.08 Dr. CHAN, Chi Ying Michelle Explore the philosophy of death and experience the power of life
24 2021.10.25 Dr. NG, Chi Lim Reflecting the meaning of the world though reading mystery novels
23 2021.10.11 Dr. LEE, Shu Kam Traditional teaching can enhance youth competitiveness
22 2021.09.27 Dr. WONG, Ka Ki The vitality of literature is indomitable
21 2021.09.13 Dr. WONG, Kwan Leung Emotions in poems canpenetrates time and space
20 2021.07.12 Prof. WEI, Chuxiong George Opium may not the reason of the First Opium War
19 2021.06.28 Prof. SUN, Tien-lun Catherine Aim of examination
18 2021.06.07 Dr. CHEUNG, Hei Yi The importance of cross-cultural exchanges
17 2021.05.24 Dr. HO, Ka Chun Johnson Science fiction help alerting the potential risks
16 2021.05.10 Dr. CHAU, Chi Fung History of Tai Kok Tsui
15 2021.04.26 Dr. WONG, Ka Hong Desmond Learning Chinese culture though dietetic culture
14 2021.04.12 Dr. LUI, Chit Ying Wendy Solving problem though Mediation
13 2021.03.22 Prof. CHAN, Ching Selina The tradition of Ullambana in Hong Kong
12 2021.03.08 Dr. PANG, Suk Man Agnes Rise of female human right in China
11 2021.02.22 Dr. WONG, Chung Ming Peter The art of Journalism
10 2021.02.01 Dr. WONG, Chung Ming Peter News are not stories
9 2021.01.18 Dr. LAM Lubanski Confucianism values help solving operation problem
8 2021.01.04 Dr. LAM Lubanski Confucianism operating method
7 2020.12.14 Dr. YUEN, Wai Kee Thomas Friendship --- An important element of study
6 2020.11.30 Dr. TSANG, Chung-Kin Popular culture and marketing
5 2020.11.16 Dr. WONG, Kwan Leung Promote cultural development
4 2020.11.02 Dr. CHOW, Kwok Leung Do what you are good
3 2020.10.12 Dr. AU, Chi Kin  Be strong and unyielding
2 2020.09.28 Prof. SUN, Tien-lun Catherine Subtlety is one of the Confucian’s traditions
1 2020.09.14 Dr. WONG, Kwan Leung  Establish cultural and moral identity by teaching