HKSYU welcomes applications for undergraduate admissions first-year entry from eligible students. Students with the following qualifications can apply:

Types of Applicants General Minimum Entry Requirements
HKDSE Applicants

Applicants taken Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination should have attained the following results

- Chinese language#: Level 3 or above;
- English language: Level 3 or above;
- Mathematics: Level 2 or above ;
- Liberal studies: Level 2 or above; and
- One elective subject*: Level 2 or above.


*The following subjects can be accepted as an elective subject:

- Applied Learning subject (ApL). Maximum of one relevant ApL can be counted. 'Attained with Distinction (II)' and 'Attained with Distinction (I)' is comparable to level 4 and level 3 respectively. 'Attained' in ApL will not be considered. ApL Chinese cannot be used as an elective subject.
- Category C subjects (Other languages). Maximum of one Cat. C subject can be counted. Grade E or above is required.
-Mathematics Extended Part M1 and M2 can be counted.


#Alternative Qualifications in Chinese Language Requirements for the admission of Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) applicants: HKSYU accepts the following alternative qualifications in Chinese Language requirements for the admission of NCS applicants to replace Level 3 of HKDSE Chinese Language:

- Grade D in GCE A/AS Level in Chinese; or

- Point 4 or above in Chinese A for IB exam; or

- 'Attained' or above level in Applied Learning Chinese; or

- Grade 3 / E in GCSE and IGCSE examinations

- Equivalent of the above

NCS students attaining the above Chinese qualification can be regarded as attaining Level 3 in Chinese and use this score in the calculaton of the Best 5 score. 

Sub-degree Applicants

Applicants who are taking / have taken any locally accredited Associate Degree / Higher Diploma should have completed the first year’s study with a GPA of 2.5 (out of a 4.0 scale) or above; or completed and pass the graduation requirements of the AD/HD programme.

GCE Applicants

Applicants should obtain at least 2 A Level subjects at Grade E or above (excluding Chinese)
Two AS subjects are considered to be equivalent to one A-level subject. The same subject will not be counted at both the A-level and AS-level.


**Special Arrangement for 2023/24 Admissions: HKSYU accept the ‘calculated’ grades issued by the relevant GCEAL or IAL examination bodies as evidence of students’ academic ability. For GCEAL/IAL students, the latest teacher assessed grades issued by schools will also be accepted.

IB Applicants

Applicants taken the International Baccalaureate Examination should have attained an overall score of at least 24 points


**Special arrangement for 2023/24 admissions: In case of official cancellation of the IB examination, HKSYU accept the ‘assessed’ diploma points and subject grades issued by IBO as evidence of students’ academic ability.

JEE (GaoKao) Applicants Applicants taken the Mainland Joint Entrance Examination Examination (JEE/ GaoKao), please refer to the “Mainland Applicants” section
Mature Students Mature applicants must be over the age of 23 by 1st September of the year of admission and be able to demonstrate sufficient motivation, knowledge and potential to indicate a high probability of being able to complete the programme successfully. Prospective mature applicants are invited to discuss their application with the Head of Department concerned in advance of the application period. Successful mature candidates will be admitted on an individual and exceptional basis.
Other Qualifications

Other equivalent academic qualifications e.g. overseas academic qualifications, please submit application to the Admissions Office for individual assessment.


**Special Arrangement for 2023/24 Admissions: In case of official cancellation of the TOFEL/IELTS tests, HKSYU accepts comparable Duolingo English Test (DET) scores and home testing for meeting English requirement. The minimum DET score requirement is 105.

a) Mature students and applicants with the above non-local qualifications may be required to sit for the Chinese written examination and/or English written examination offered by the University.
b) Applicants who intend to apply for the collabrative programme with the University of Leicester, please refer to here for more details about the minimum entry requirements.


Please click HERE for viewing the undergraduate programmes available for students of first year entry.