Post Date Interviewee Title
1 2020.09.11 Prof. SUN, Tien-lun Know yourself before you start your career planning
2 2020.09.25 Ms. WONG, K. Y. Shirley  Guide students to establish cultural and moral identity
3 2020.10.16 Ms. WONG, K. Y. Shirley  Find a new career path from the golden triangle of career 
4 2020.10.30 Ms. WONG, K. Y. Shirley  Planning your career well
5 2020.11.13 Dr. MOK Wai Kit, Linda Self-actualization
6 2020.11.27 Ms. TSEUNG, Sze yan Growth environment creates career path
7 2020.12.11 Ms. TSUI, Mei yu Counseling secondary school students
8 2021.01.08 Ms. POON, Nga In Fight for oppotunities