Post Date Interviewee Title
1 2020.09.11 Prof. SUN, Tien-lun Know yourself before you start your career planning
2 2020.09.25 Ms. WONG, K. Y. Shirley  Guide students to establish cultural and moral identity
3 2020.10.16 Ms. WONG, K. Y. Shirley  Find a new career path from the golden triangle of career 
4 2020.10.30 Ms. WONG, K. Y. Shirley  Planning your career well
5 2020.11.13 Dr. MOK, Wai Kit Linda Self-actualization
6 2020.11.27 Ms. TSEUNG, Sze yan Growth environment creates career path
7 2020.12.11 Ms. TSUI, Mei yu Counseling secondary school students
8 2021.01.08 Ms. POON, Nga In Fight for oppotunities
9 2021.01.22 Mr. CHAN, Yat Kan Mentors are always with us
10 2021.02.05

Solic. CHAN, Ka Wing,

Ms. DING, Meilin

Further study in Law by the influence from Mentor
11 2021.03.05 Ms. LEE, Wing Sze E&F Straight-A Student confused in her future path
12 2021.03.19 Mr. SO, Ching Sum Victor Grasp the oppotunities in your life
13 2021.04.16

Ms. CHAU, Hoi Ting Helen

Further study in Hong Kong under COVID-19
14 2021.04.30 Dr. HO, Ka Chun Johnson Learning language from sages for expression
15 2021.05.14 Mr. HO, Yung Sang Vincent Embrace changes in life and transform to chances
16 2021.05.28 Dr. NG, Kwan Kwan Alice Broaden horizon by learning language 
17 2021.06.11 Dr. CHUI, Chi Fai Raymond The importance of internship in university
18 2021.06.25 Mr. TONG, Stephen Step out the comfort zone, explore more yourself
19 2021.07.09 HKSYU UAO You can control your future