HKSYU welcomes applications for undergraduate admissions second-year entry from eligible students. Students with the following qualifications can apply:

Types of Applicants Minimum Entry Requirements
Sub-degree Applicants

Applicants should have completed a locally accredited Associate Degree or Higher Diploma programme in relevant disciplines offered by the higher institutions in Hong Kong. Both final year students and graduates are welcome to apply. Individual applicants may be required to attend an interview. 

Other Qualifications Applicants with other equivalent academic or professional qualifications issued by authorized local/overseas institutions will be assessed by the Admission Office individually.


a) Non-local applicants and mature students may be required to attend the written test/interview.


b) The University has adopted the Common Block Credit Transfer (CBCT) arrangement for the admission of AD/HD graduates articulating to Year 2 of most SYU programmes. The CBCT framework for Year 2 Entry is as follows:

1. The no. of credits transferred for the Year 2 Entry is equivalent to the no. of credits required in Year 1 of the 4-Year programme curriculum;

2.  Students must complete language required courses, Departmental required core and elective courses, and other required electives before graduation to fulfill the programme credit requirements.

3. Students will be exempted from taking the General Education requirement.


c) CBCT is not applicable to the following programmes which lead to professional recognition. Respective departments will assess the academic qualifications of individual applicants. Students might need to take one or two additional courses to fulfil the qualification requirements of the professional bodies:


  • -Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accounting
  • -Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Counselling and Psychology
  • -Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology


 d) Applicants should apply for a programme related to a discipline which they studied at the AD/HD level


Please click HERE to view the undergraduate programmes available for students of the Year 2 Entry.