HKSYU welcomes applications for undergraduate admissions second-year entry from eligible students. Students with the following qualifications can apply:

Types of Applicants Minimum Entry Requirements
Sub-degree Applicants

Final year students and graduates of locally accredited Associate Degree or Higher Diploma programmes in relevant disciplines from institutions in Hong Kong.

Students who are admitted directly to Year 2 under this scheme and have achieved a total GPA of 2.5 or above (out of a 4-point system) in their sub-degree studies will be awarded an entrance scholarship.

Other Qualifications Other equivalent academic qualifications e.g. overseas academic qualifications or professional qualifications, please submit application to the Admissions Office for individual assessment.

The application period for this type of applicants is July to August every year. Please submit the application in person.

Mature students and applicants with the above non-local qualifications may be required to sit for the Chinese written examination and/or English written examination offered by the University.


Curriculum Structure for students articulating to year 2 of HKSYU degree programmes
For students articulating to Year 2 of our undergradaute programmes, their required credits in the first year of study of the major programmes are deemed to have been fulfilled (i.e. 34 – 38 credits). However, students should fulfil the general University requirements including language requirement and general education requirement.
Students may also apply for course exemption if comparable course(s) in their second year of study in chosen majors at HKSYU have been successfully completed in their previous sub-degree or bachelor programme. Please note that, students may be granted an exemption only if comparable course has been passed with C+ or above. If the application is successful, the course will be exempted but credit will not be granted. Students to whom course exemptions are granted will be required to take additional elective credits or substitute uncompleted courses from the list of course requirements of individual programme to complete the specified total number of credits for graduation.

Please click HERE for viewing the undergraduate programmes available for students of second year entry.