Features of Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Major Study

Our undergraduate programmes cater to the needs of society as the University strives to cultivate the righteousness of students and their ability to think critically.


Work Placement / Internships offers students an experiential learning opportunity to apply their knowledge from the academic discipline, broaden their social horizon and enhance their work readiness.

Minor Study

Students have the option to study another subject, broaden their level of expertise, and enhance their prospects of future career development.


Scholarships are available for students who demonstrate excellence, are hard-working, observe school regulations and perform well academically.

General Education

The objective of the GE Programme is to provide students with opportunities to develop and apply relevant skills, knowledge, and social responsibilities regardless of their majors or career plans.

Financial Assistance

The government and HKSYU have also set up various kinds of financial assistance schemes to support the needy students in their learning.

Campus Life

Through participation in different activities, students can discover their interests, unleash their potential and acquire valuable interpersonal skills.

International Exploration

The International Unit organizes study abroad scheme, internship abroad scheme, summer programmes and short study tours, for Shue Yan full-time students to explore their study outside Hong Kong.

Student Services

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) aims to provide an open, encouraging, with a supportive learning environment, in order to initiate students a healthy, well-balanced life.

Student Residence

The University strives to create a pleasant living and learning environment for students to pursue academic success, advance their skills and develop their personal relationships.