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2023.02.10 "Arts, Culture and Technology" Seminar
2022.11.20 HKSYU Info Day 2022 - Together with Shue Yan, We Innovate!
2022.11.17 Digital Humanities at Shue Yan - HKSYU latest Admissions Video
2022.08.05 【Thanks for Sharing】-2 majors in 1 degree? From regret to enjoy mooting?
2022.07.08 Studying in Shue Yan 💚Teachers and students are as family members, confident to help future
2022.06.28 【Thanks for Sharing】 - The importance of internship &  Associate Degree pathway the Sociology programme of Shue Yan
2022.06.17 Studying in Shue Yan 💚 Sociology in life and the importance of exchange programme
2022.06.10 Studying in Shue Yan 💚 Counselling & Psychology Programme internship enriching life | 50th Anniversary of HKSYU
2022.06.08 【Thanks for Sharing】After sub-degree programme, learning in JMC, the life in JMC Society
2022.05.20 【Thanks for Sharing】- Completed HR in AD can transfer to E&F Year 3 in HKSYU?  Gaming is relevant to Economic? 
2022.05.16 【Thanks for Sharing】- Sociology is not boring?  Love & life topics can be learn to use!
2022.05.04 【Thanks for Sharing】 - Putonghua version - Confused when studying accounting Studying in HKSYU to find a way
2022.04.14 【Thanks for Sharing】- How to do photography when learning Chinese literature?  How to apply in year 3?
2022.03.18 【Thanks for Sharing】History has different research direction and the hall life in HKSYU.  What factors motivated you to apply year 2 entry?
2021.12.21 HKSYU Department of Counselling and Psychology Seminar
2021.12.20 Studying in Shue Yan 💚 The learning of History, board way out
2021.12.08 The New Era of Postgraduate Studies of Counselling and Psychology in HKSYU
2021.11.05 Introduction video of Department of History, HKSYU
2021.11.05 Introduction to the Department of Accounting, HKSYU
2021.08.12 HKSYU Graduate School - Back to School for Lifelong Learning
2021.06.23 Studying in Shue Yan 💚 The profession of Company secretary service
2021.05.27 Sharing by a student in Department of Business Administration
2021.05.11 Shue Yan Walks Beside You  - University Admissions Office | 50th Anniversary of HKSYU
2021.04.28 Studying in Shue Yan 💚 The significant of cross space-time in Law and Business | 50th Anniversary of HKSYU
2021.04.28 Studying in Shue Yan 💚 Stray learner vs business expert | 50th Anniversary of HKSYU
2020.11.05 HKSYU Graduate School - Doctor of Psychology in Counselling Psychology
2020.11.05 HKSYU Graduate School - Master of Sciences in Psychology
2020.11.05 HKSYU Graduate School - Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology
2020.11.05 HKSYU Graduate School - Master of Science in Marketing and Consumer Psychology
2020.11.05 It's HKSYU.  Basketball Team
2020.11.05 It's HKSYU.  Dance Society
2020.11.05 It's HKSYU.  The Drama Society
2020.11.05 It's HKSYU.  Handball Team
2020.11.05 It's HKSYU.  Karate Team
2020.11.05 It's HKSYU.  Music Society
2020.11.05 It's HKSYU.  Photography Society
2020.11.05 It's HKSYU.  Rugby Team
2020.11.05 It's HKSYU.  Table Tennis Team
2020.11.05 It's HKSYU.  Taekwon-Do Club 
2020.11.05 It's HKSYU.  Volleyball Team
2020.11.05 It's HKSYU.  Badminton Team
2020.10.28 It's HKSYU.  Joining teams and societies is SYUer 【The latest promotional video of HKSYU】
2020.10.12 【HKSYU】Follow students to visit SYU - Promotional Video
2019.07.08 SYU University Entrance Interview
2019.07.04 SYU only has arts programmes?