Post Date Organizer Title
2023.04.24 Department of Sociology “Metaverse and Social Good” Academic Seminar
2023.03.18 Department of Economics and Finance The Personal Finance Ambassador Programme 2023
2023.03.07 Department of History From Chronicles of Xin’an County to Hong Kong Chronicles: The Transformation and Innovation of China’s Local Chronicles
2022.10.27 The Department of English Language and Literature HKSYU Children's Literature Seminar
2022.10.25 University Admissions Office HKSYU Info Day 2022 - Open for Registration
2022.08.01 Department of Journalism and Communication HKSYU's first "Virtual Ving Tsun Learning System Experience Class" (Chinese version only)
2022.07.21 Department of Journalism and Communication Hong Kong Ip Man Ving Tsun representatives from various systems experience the artificial intelligence training system (Chinese version only)
2021.12.01 University Admissions Office HKSYU Infoday Continues the Joy from Onsite to Online (Chinese version only)
2021.08.31 Department of Journalism and Communication Symposium on "Martial Arts Inheritance - Promoting the Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage with Video and Artificial Intelligence" (Chinese version only)
2021.02.07 Language Centre Lyrics for Everyone - Serrini Symposium (Chinese version only)
2020.04.07 HKSYU & HKYIC

Congratulations. The Results of the BPC 2020

2019.10.28 Language Centre Talk by Sai Dorsi
2019.10.28 HKSYU HKSYU adds new high-end equipment for different department
2019.10.26 University Admissions Office 2019 Shue Yan Cup - Inter-secondary school debate competition