Literature-inspired Vision & International Recognition

“Paths are made by walking.”
The fabled line by Franz Kafka not only found resonance with the late Chinese writer Lu Xun’s literary classic Call to Arms: Hometown – it also guided the Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Since 2020, the HKSYU Admissions Office has been using these words of wisdom as our slogan. It implies how the University fosters our students to create their paths. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the University, we affirm our commitment to supporting our students on their different roads to success.
The inspiring design seamlessly blends with the bus advertisement.
The Office incorporated this idea into its promotional materials, including digital and outdoor ads on trams, buses, and minibuses. The idea and related designs were nominated for international design awards and won the IDA Design Awards - Bronze (Print/Key Art) and the HKDA Global Design Awards 2021– Excellence (Design Clientele Award), marking the University’s first international award in promotion design.
HKDA Global Design Awards 2021 – Excellence (Design Clientele Award)
The "People under Tree" concept implies how the HKSYU takes students under its wing so that they can thrive. Shadows under the tree represent students walking away from the big tree of HKSYU and serving society in different roles.
Last year at our 50th anniversary, the design team of the Admissions Office extended the 'Path is made by walking' concept with a sequential slogan of ‘Shue Yan Walks Beside You’. It implies how the University accompanies our students' growth and shares 'Joy with All'.
The team also created a short animation referencing ancient Chinese poet Tao Yuanming's work, The Peach Blossom Spring. The film narrates the story of a young man who, confused about his future, went through a series of learning experiences on our campus before he graduated and walked into a new chapter in life.
Through this short animation, the Admissions Office inspires the public to gain a new perspective about HKSYU and celebrate its 50th anniversary with us. Besides playing on the outdoor 4K screen of Sogo Causeway Bay, the film's visuals were also displayed on stair walls and carriages of the Causeway Bay MTR Station.
The large-scale outdoor 4K screen of SOGO Causeway Bay showcased an animated film, "Joy with All", celebrating the 50th anniversary of HKSYU.
This year, the Admissions Office rolled out a wide range of publicity materials with the Chinese character of 'man' as the theme. The Chinese character was presented in different fonts, symbols, and motifs to represent the 18 undergraduate programmes at HKSYU. A tie represents business leaders trained in our business administration courses. In contrast, a totem of a man and a red heart represents the attentive listeners from our counselling and psychology courses. The 3D image represents the 3D space of our VR-related courses. This design concept also highlights how a people-oriented philosophy guides HKSYU to nurture and empower young generations to walk their paths.
The ‘Joy with All’-themed tram model in a 1:72 scale is a limited-edition and not-for-sale collectable.