HKSMMTA HK Interschool Mediation Tournament 2021



Hong Kong Interschool Mediation Tournament (the "Tournament")



In view of recent social situation in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Shue Yan University and the Hong Kong Schools Mooting and Mock Trial Association ("Association") aims to promote social harmony by introducing the idea of "mediation" to students. Through participating in the Tournament, participants can learn the basic skills of mediation and how to reach an ideal "win-win" situation through amicable resolutions of day-to-day disputes and differences.



The Tournament comprises three (3) sessions, namely:-

(i) Interactive Lessons;

(ii) Demonstration Session; and

(ii) Mock Mediation Sessions.


Medium of Instruction

The Tournament will be conducted in Cantonese with English as supplementary language.


Interactive Lessons

Interactive lessons will be conducted by experienced practitioner(s) where basic theories and techniques of

mediation will be introduced, such as:

Ø Mediation procedure;

Ø Importance of active listening;

Ø Summarising and reframing;

Ø Identification of issues and agenda setting; and

Ø Negotiation etc..


Demonstration Session

A mediation demonstration will be conducted by experienced mediators, where students would be able to learn mediation skills through observation and imitation.


Mock Mediation Sessions

Each team would participate in two (2) mediation sessions as "mediator". In each mock session, the teams would be given a commercial / school / family scenario where they have to utilise the skills learnt in the Interactive Lessons in

reconciling the conflict between the mediating parties, which will be played by members of the Association / students of

the Hong Kong Shue Yan University.



Participants who have participated in all sessions will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.
Additionally, the participating teams will be assessed throughout the Tournament and prizes will be provided to

the outstanding teams which demonstrated excellency in the Tournament.


Number of Team and Team Members

A maximum of eight (8) teams would be catered.

Each team consists of one (1) to four (4) member(s).
One (1) local law student will be allocated to each team as its group leader for providing guidance to the team members.


Application Procedure
(i) The participating teams should first email their completed application form to;
(ii) Upon receipt of the completed application form, the Association will notify the teams who have successfully registered in the Tournament through email;

(iii) Within five (5) working days (or any other times agreed by the Association) after the dispatch of the notification email from the Association, the notified team shall mail (a) a HK$500 cheque and (b) an envelope affixed with a stamp with a value of $2 and have your return mail address written on it to "Morrison Hill Post Office PO Box 47111". The cheque should be made payable to "HONG KONG SCHOOLS MOOTING AND MOCK TRIAL ASSOCIATION";

(iv) The participating teams should send a photocopy / copy of the cheque to when the original of the

cheque is delivered. The time of receipt of the copy of the cheque shall be deemed as the time when the cheque is delivered.

**Note: The fee shall be treated as deposit only. If the participating teams attend and finish all sessions of the Tournament, the cheque will be returned.


Registration Period

The participating teams should email their completed application form to on or before 14 March 2021 (Sun).


Tentative Schedule [Subject to amendments]

Interactive and Demonstration Session:

27 March 2021 (Sat), 10am – 6pm

Mock Mediation Sessions:

28 March 2021 (Sun), 10am – 6pm



"Zoom" online platform


Application Form

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HKSYU UAO | Law & Business Department | 23rd Feb, 2021