Department of English Language and Literature, Hong Kong Shue Yan University The Award Ceremony of the Picture Book Contest 2020 - “The Green Book: Nature and Me”


The results of the Picture Book Contest 2020 – “The Green Book: Nature and Me”, organized by the Department of English Language and Literature of Hong Kong Shue Yan University, have been announced. The winner of the Senior group is Chung Pui-wing, a F.4 student of Elegantia College. The winner of the Junior group is Leung Nga-ching Natalie, a F.1 student of St. Paul's Convent School. The university has invited the two award-winning students to the campus to receive their awards.
Figure one: Chung Pui-wing of Elegantia College (second-left) received her prize and certificate. Chung also shared her inspiration.


Chung shared her feelings and her source of inspiration with us. It was on an occasion that when she visited a country park, she felt sorry for how the beautiful environment was being destroyed by rubbish. The judges commented that Chung’s story was straight to the point. Moreover, it was skillfully made. Her story had a clear message, and it presented the theme of the competition well.



 Figure two: Junior group winner, Leung Nga-ching Natalie from St. Paul's Convent School (left).


Leung told us that she and her family enjoyed nature a lot, and that they often went hiking. She had her own set of views and feelings about the natural environment, and so she made use of this opportunity and expressed her ideas via the hand-written text in her picture book. With such an outstanding and ingenious approach, it became a profound work for the judges. They were so happy to see a student who created such a well-written picture book.


The wonderful works of the two winners are shown on the competition website. Feel free to check out their works by clicking the following pictures:




The Department of English Language and Literature at HKSYU has been guiding their students to understand languages and literature through arts and culture. The department would like to spread this idea to the younger generation via this picture book contest. It is fitting to make use of this literary form to reflect on the relationship between human and nature. The Assistant Professor of the Department, Dr. Michelle Chan, who has organized the competition, sees that each participant’s work has unique characteristics. She believes that this activity can raise teenagers’ awareness of environmental protection. Similar competitions will be held in the future. It is hoping that students focus not only on language learning but also gain a more comprehensive insight into arts and culture.