Online Application Procedure









*The application result will be notified to students via email. If any documents is missed for the application, the process will be affected accordingly.



Claim Offer and Submit Supporting Document Procedure








+ Claim offer is applicable for applicants who applied Year-1 programme withou submission of current DSE result slip.

++ UAO shall reach the applicants who need supporting document to submit. 


FAQ about Online Application

Shue Yan University will process online and in-person applications at the same time. All applicants will be notified the admission results by email.
The application result will be notified to applicants via email or its status could be checked here.
No. The submitted online application cannot be modified. Applicants should review application form before submission.
Kindly settle the deposit payment before 27th July for your acceptance of the official offer. The payment could be done through online. More details should be notifed via email. The admission procedures could be found here as well.
Please file your questions about applications, claiming offer or payment etc through our Online Enquiry System. We can get back to you via email.