Second-Year Entry (Year Two)

HKSYU welcomes applications for undergraduate admissions second-year entry from eligible students. Students with the following qualifications can apply:

Mature students and applicants with the above non-local qualifications may be required to sit for the Chinese written examination and/or English written examination offered by the University.

Curriculum requirements for students articulating to year 2 of HKSYU degree programmes

The curriculum requirements for the following programmes adopt the Common Block Credit Transfer (CBCT) for AD/HD graduates articulating to Year 2 with effect from 2020/21 academic year:
- Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)
- Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Digital Marketing
- Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Corporate Governance and Risk Management
- Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Economics and Finance
- Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Law and Business
- Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History
- Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese Language and Literature
- Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English
- Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Journalism and Mass Communication
- Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sociology

The CBCT framework for Year 2 Entry is as follows:
1. The no. of BCT for Year 2 Entry is equivalent to the no. of required credits in the Year 1 curriculum in the 4-year curriculum of the relevant HKSYU programme;
2. Students will be required to complete CHI102 First Year Chinese II plus Core courses and Departmental elective credits (if any) in Year 2 to Year 4 curriculum, together with free elective credits to complete the total number of credits required for graduation;
3. Students will be exempted from the General Education requirement.

The following programmes, which lead to professional recognition, will offer direct admission to Year 2 to graduates of relevant AD/HD programmes, with credit transfer determined on a case by case basis:
- Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Accounting
- Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Counselling & Psychology
- Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology

Please click HERE for viewing the undergraduate programmes available for students of second year entry.