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    analyze events which occur in their immediate environment and the wider world

About the Department

Sociology is concerned with the investigation of the structure of groups, organisations, and societies, and how these various structures influence human behaviour. It is increasingly being recognized by social policy makers and social development planners.
The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Sociology enables students to apply sociological knowledge and analyze events which occur in their immediate environment and the wider world. In addition, the department offers a Master of Social Sciences (Transformation of Chinese Societies). Graduates of the master’s programme have a wide range of career opportunities including marketing research, police and public administration.

Why Choose Us

Programme Features

The programme aims to develop students’ competence in analyzing social issues and social problems in Hong Kong in the context of globalization, and to foster their critical and creative thinking. It facilitates students to have a solid mastery of sociological knowledge, including concepts, theories, methods, and applications, for understanding social relations, institutions, and culture. Students are equipped with quantitative and qualitative research skills for conducting projects to study social relations, institutions, and culture in Hong Kong and other Chinese societies, their oral and written communication skills will also be enhanced. Starting from 2021/22 academic year, we will provide concentrations in the curriculum and experiential learning opportunities such as field visits and internships to raise students’ employability in the job market.

Selected Courses

Introduction to Anthropology;
Social Research Methods;
Sociological Theory I & II;
Hong Kong Society and Culture;
Hong Kong in a Global World;
Race and Ethnicity;
Poverty, Social Policy and Social Innovation;
Tourism and Culture;
Sociology of Organizations

Programme Admissions

Please refer to the Admission Page for details of the admission requirements and application procedures.

Internship Opportunity

Service Learning / Enterprise Learning is an elective for Year 3/4 students in this programme. The duration is 8-12 weeks (2 days per week). The number of working hours is 100-150. Students will be co-supervised by a university academic staff and a workplace supervisor.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Sociology programme have found employment in a wide variety of positions. A recent review of the employment status of our graduates found that nearly all found employment in government or the private sector within four months after their graduation in June. Sociology graduates are commonly found in such areas as: Administrative positions in both the public and private sectors, social services and social enterprise, education, conservation, culture and tourism. Some of our students will pursue further studies in sociology and related disciplines in tertiary institutions both locally and overseas.

Further Studies

Graduates can pursue further studies in Master of Social Sciences (Transformation of Chinese Societies) Programme offered by our department or study MPhil/PhD in Sociology programmes offered by our University. They can also pursue postgraduate studies in Master's Degree programmes at local or overseas universities.

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