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    Mass Communication
    Intensive training on language proficiency, technological competency,
    as well as a thorough understanding of communication processes

About the Department

The Department of Journalism and Communication was founded in 1971 and has become one of the major educational institutions of Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising (PRA) in Hong Kong. Students receive intensive training to achieve language proficiency, technological competency, as well as a thorough understanding of communication processes. To prepare students for their careers in the digital age, the department also provides training on news reporting and writing, news translation, audio-visual production, audio-visual news and information production, new media platforms, editorial and commentary writing and script writing and/or marketing, public relations and advertising.
The department operates platforms such as SY Media Lab (新傳網) and Our Voice (仁聞報) for students to practice what they have acquired in lessons. Students also have the opportunity to participate in internship programmes to gain work experience in the field of journalism and communication. Recently the Department is offering:
1. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Journalism and Mass Communication Programme

Why Choose Us

Programme Features

The programme emphasises the training in both English and Chinese languages, and information technology in order to offer students a concrete foundation for their life career in the digital age. We provide a broad knowledge-base with professional skills practice in processing news and communication content including public relations, advertising and new media, and let students know the significance of media convergence in the process of global communication. We aim to increase students' awareness of ethical issues in communication, help students develop a critical, independent, and analytical mind, and enable them to understand and explicate the relationship between social, cultural, economic and technological innovation factors and their impacts on the communication process in the digital age. The programme also encourages students' creativity through practical workshops and internship training in mass communication organisations and prepares them for startup business.

Selected Courses

Magazine Writing and Editing
Feature Writing
Business and Financial Reporting
Editorial and Commentary Writing
Public Relations and the Media
Event Management
Advertising Copywriting
Digital News and Information Production
Digitalisation and Interactive Multimedia

Programme Admissions

Please refer to the Admission Page for details of the admission requirements and application procedures.

Internship Opportunity

Professional Internship is a compulsory course in this programme. It is offered during summer in their Year 3 of study. The duration is 8-12 weeks in full-time mode: Full-time. On-the-job training will be provided in related field of Journalism, Public Relation or Advertising.

Career Prospects

Our graduates can join the media and entertainment industry as researcher, script writer, production assistant, or director. They can also work in public relation companies or big corporations as public relations officer; or in advertising agencies as copy-editor or account executive. Some of our graduates work in journalistic field as reporter/editor for both printed and electronic media, and as reporter-writer for the websites of new media. Our students can start their business after graduation. Apart from working in the industry, they can further study journalism and communication or related programmes at the postgraduate level at local or overseas universities.

Further Studies

Apart from working in the industry, they can further study journalism and communication or related programmes,like Media and Advertising, at the postgraduate level at local or overseas universities

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Student Achievements

Silver Award in Tertiary group, Hong Kong Creative PR competition 2019.


Study Tour

The Department organized a group of 40 students to cover the “nine- in-one election” 2018 in Taiwan from November 22 to 25, 2018; the stories published in the Department’s three news platform, Shuo Onlin, Our Voice and SYMediaLab. .