Admissions Outreach Services 2021/22


The University Admissions Office (UAO) offers a series of activities including seminars, visits and workshops that tailors to the needs of teacher and student development. 


1. Admissions Consultation and other activities

Our University provides variety of admissions services from October to July of the following academic year, including:

a. School Expo: UAO is active participant in the futher education and career advancement fairs organized by secondary schools/joint schools, to let students understand more about Shue Yan University;

b. University Campus Tour:  Our University welcomes teachers and students to visit the Shue Yan campus at Braemar Hill;

c. Mock Admissions Interview WorkshopUAO provides workshops and mock interviews for F.6 students to strengthen their interview skills and familiarize with the entrance interviews of univerisities;

d. Admissions Talks and Popular Thematic Talks (Face-to-face or Online):

Admissions Talks: UAO could arrange secondary schools visit and hold admissions seminars to introduce Shue Yan University and provide the latest course information;

Popular Thematic Talks: A series of "Popular Thematic Talks" targets secondary school students to broaden their horizons from learning different  disciplines and social cultures in the world. Click HERE to know more;

e. Other activities: Feel free to reach UAO and discuss details.


2. Shue Yan Info Day 2021

UAO organizes "HKSYU Info Day 2021" on 6th November, 2021 (Sat). Admissions talks, departmental live-chat, students sharing, booth game and on-site registration, etc. will be held. We welcome students, parents and teachers to join and celebrate 50th Anniversary of Shue Yan together.


Except SYU Campus Tour, above activities could be held on online or in secondary school campus. Interested parties please either apply online or complete the Activity Application Receipt. For any enquiries, please email us at or call 2570-7110.

HKSYU UAO | 21st Sep, 2021