Admissions Outreach Services 2020


The University Admissions Office (UAO) offers a series of activities including seminars, visits and workshops that tailors to the needs of teacher and student development. 


1. Admissions Consultation

a. Admissions Seminar: UAO visits secondary schools or conducts online admissions talks that provide the latest programme information 

b. School Information Booths: UAO participates in secondary school information booths to provide face-to-face admissions advice to the senior students 

c. University Campus Tour:  Our University welcomes teachers and students to visit the SYU to look around the university campus


2. Workshops for F.6 Students and Teachers

a. Mock Admissions Interview WorkshopUAO provides workshops and mock interviews to F.6 students to strengthen their interview skills, so that they are more familiar with how universities conduct entrance interviews.

b. Teacher Development Workshop: The workshop will be conducted by the psychologists from the Counselling and Research Centre of HKSYU. It will cover topics related to career planning, including theories of ‘Career Developmental Model’ and ‘Person-environment Fit’ as well as practical school-based examples. The workshop is free of charge. Participants will receive attendance certificates after completing the workshop.


3. Popular Thematic Talks

We also organize a series of "Popular Thematic Talks" for secondary school students to broaden their horizons from learning different disciplines and social cultures in the world. There are 22 popular thematic talks with topics across various fields in commerce, humanities and social science. For example, "Happiness and Society", "Know Something about Corporate Finance", "More than visual effect - What is Science Fiction and Film?", "The characteristic and transformation of Chinese food culture", "Is it possible to get a super sharp brain, memory and attention?" and "Is ageing my business?" etc. Click HERE to know more.


4. Other Activities

Secondary schools can invite our professors or instructors to be academic judges in school competitions, or to provide talks or workshops with specific themes through our office.


Except SYU Campus Tour, above activities could be held on online or in secondary school campus. Interested parties please either apply online or complete the Activity Application Receipt,. For any enquiries, please email us at or call 2570-7110.

HKSYU UAO | 16th Sep, 2020